Let's Find Some Plants

Published 06/14/2018

A determined crowd of 18 spanned out over a plot of land near the St. Joseph River in Williams County. Armed with pens, pads of paper and plant keys (and the occasional camera), this group combed the 145 acres to take an inventory of all the various species of plants living there.

They spent four hours surveying the vegetation on the property, and they identified 147 native species of plants.

“This process is a great way to learn about a property before we develop a management plan,” explained Land Protection Specialist Chris Dickey. “It will help us determine whether we have invasive species to contend with, and will allow us to focus on promoting biodiversity on the property.”

The inventory is a way to not only determine plant species in a methodical, efficient way, but also to engage scientists and volunteers in the overall project, often with a local focus. Participants in the St. Joseph day included Conservancy staff and interns, plant enthusiast volunteers, and representatives from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Ohio Natural Areas & Preserves Association and Metroparks Toledo.

The Conservancy will be acquiring the St. Joseph River Protection Project in 2019 utilizing Ohio EPA’s Wetland and Riparian Resource Sponsorship Program.

Land Trust Accreditation Commission



Forrest Riverland Stream and Riparian Restoration Request for Proposals (RFP)

The Black Swamp Conservancy is seeking proposals for implementation and construction of a stream and riparian restoration project on the 48-acre Forrest Riverland tract of our Forrest Woods Nature Preserve in Paulding County, Ohio. 





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